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History has shown that martial arts can be an excellent teacher for children to learn life skills such as discipline, hard work, integrity, confidence, teamwork, and more. Ultimately, the martial arts are about continuous self-improvement physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

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Kids Martial Arts
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Kids Martial Arts
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The philosophy of our Young Lions Children’s Program is to help build life skills for your child through the martial arts by instilling excellence of the mind and body, confidence, a sense of achievement, self-discipline, and self-defense skills.



As a member of the Young Lions Children’s Program, your child will enjoy these benefits:

  • Your child will develop excellence of mind and body.
  • Your child will inherit self-discipline and confidence.
  • Your child will learn to excel in all areas of life.
  • Your child will learn the art of self-defense.
  • Your child will create the lifelong habit of a healthy lifestyle.
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Renzo Gracie Training Facility

160,000 kids miss school every day because they fear bullies.
Bullying causes depression and lowers self-esteem.
To “Bully proof” your child, you must build their confidence by teaching them self-defense.
Fathers in the Gracie Family have been “Bully proofing” their kids for three generations.
These programs will enable us to “Bully proof” your child.

The Curriculum:
Young Cubs Games: We introduce your child to the fundamental principles of Jiu-Jitsu by playing these fun games.
Rules of Engagement : Before introducing your child to the Young Lions techniques, teach them the Rules of Engagement so they know precisely when they can and can’t use the techniques.
Young Lions : This course features all the Jiu-Jitsu techniques formatted for the children. Once you child perfects these techniques, their confidence will skyrocket.

The Golden Rule:
The Golden Rule: Expect nothing, praise everything.
When your expectations are too high, kids will associate Jiu-Jitsu with their inadequacy.
As soon as your expectations exceed your child’s abilities, they will quit.
Nothing matters more than having your child start and end each lesson with a smile.

Transfer Teaching:
Stimulates growth through positive reinforcement.
Patience is the key to success in the early stages of learning.
Trust that, in time, the system will take its course and the child will learn.

The Critical Challenge:
Keeping your child engaged for several years will be your challenge.
Level 3 intensity is different for every child, and it will change as the child gets older.
Use strategic sacrifices to get the child excited about training.
The possibility of defeat sweetens the taste of victory.

Preserving the Privilege:
If you can make training a privilege, you win.
To make it a privilege, make them “earn” the daily training sessions.
NEVER make attendance for your child mandatory because then their heart won’t be in it.
If they lose interest, give it a break then bring them back to the Young Cubs Class.
At RGTF we change lives and strengthen character. We take this responsibility very seriously.
Never allow your child to quit something because they don’t want to do it. This type of training for your child should be a major life changing decision.
By allowing your child to give up, not only are you letting a child make a major life changing 
decision, but you are also showing them that it is ok to give up.

Getting Started:
Reading the Welcome Booklet is a great way to getting started. Within the booklet it explains all 
the clothing requirements, rules and regulations, attendance, and lastly it goes over each 
individual martial art to provide the parents with prior insight as to what your child will be 
• Jiu-Jitsu uniforms, both rashguards and Gi’s can be purchased in our store.

The Belt Testing Process:
• Your child will start as a white belt and we document every class they take.
We will award your child a stripe around every 20 classes.
• Once they have earned four stripes, they will advance to the next belt.
There is no correlation between belt promotions and training courses.

The Critical Connection:
Kids naturally rebel against parental authority in their teenage years.
One way to undermine the rebellion is to become a source of positivity for your child.
Use this program to increase the positivity and strengthen the bond with your child.

The Gracie Diet:
If your child learns to live healthier at an early age, then avoiding life’s temptations will be much easier.
Leading by example is the most powerful way to influence your child.
To Grand Masters Carlos and Helio Gracie, nothing was more important than Jiu-Jitsu, other than Gracie Diet.

The “Well Rounded” Benefit:
We work closely with parents and schools to focus on any issues your child may be having in any 
area of life.
Please don’t hesitate to bring any issues your child may be encountering to the program director 
or any of the instructors.
At Renzo Gracie Training Facility we are a family oriented Facility, if we can do our part to create 
a safer and healthier life for your child, then we will do all it takes to reach that expectation.

Mark Cerrone
(RGTF Head Coach)

The Young Lions Children’s Program is designed to help a child in all areas of his/her life by instilling confidence, fostering discipline, encouraging achievement, and developing self-defense skills. It is designed for both boys and girls from ages 5 to 15.
We also do Birthday Parties!


Kids Martial Arts
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