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Renzo Gracie Training Facility CT
Renzo Gracie Training Facility CT15 hours ago
Some BJJ training with head coach @mark_cerrone and black belt instructor Marek
Renzo Gracie Training Facility CT
Renzo Gracie Training Facility CT3 days ago
#Repost @danaherjohn
Flawless Victory: Garry Tonon defeated the outstanding grappler Justin Rader in Oklahoma last night in a thrilling display of brilliant attacks versus resolute defense. Mr Tonon had trained extremely well prior to the belt and went in with great confidence- as always he showed every bit of it onstage on a match filled with spectacular movement all pushing in the direction of submission. Ultimately it went to a decision as a stranglehold was being applied with seconds left on the clock. There was never any doubt which way the decision would go and Mr Tonon had successfully defended his welterweight no gi belt. Fight to Win put on another fine event and the squad is proud to help out with a display of jiu jitsu that was both crowd pleasing, yet a fine display of the a full range of the techniques of our sport applied at a very high level against one of its toughest competitors. For those in Oklahoma- don't forget that Mr Tonon will be teaching a seminar showcasing many of the very techniques he wowed the crowd with last night! 12pm at Oklahoma Martial arts - check his Instagram for details! He is as good a teacher as he is a competitor and his show at the seminar will be every bit as good as the show he put on last night 😊😊 The whole squad now has amazing bouts coming up in the near future - details coming out soon! 😉😜We are all looking forward to Mr Tonon's return as he, Gordon Ryan and Eddie Cummings, along with all the kohai, resume training for big upcoming events that will require them to push to a new level of development 😊😊 #teamrenzogracie #rgtf #bjj #mma #muaythai #BJJlifestyle #fitfam #strength #jiujitsuforeveryone #jiujitsulifestyle #jiujitsu #bjj #bjjforeveryone #motivation #discipline #healthy #fitness #friendship #team
Renzo Gracie Training Facility CT
Renzo Gracie Training Facility CT4 days ago
The people you grow up training with will be there for you through thick and thin. Unlike friends and family whose love is subjective, The teams love and support is unconditional and undying. #Teamrenzogracie #rgtf #bjj #mma #muaythai #BJJlifestyle #fitfam #strength #jiujitsuforeveryone #jiujitsulifestyle #jiujitsu #bjj #bjjforeveryone #motivation #discipline #healthy #fitness #friendship #team

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